September 29, 2005

heckling = terrorism 2

More on the 82 year old lifelong peace campaigner buddled out of the Labour Party Conference for having the temidity of holding a political view (you cannot have people interested in politics at a political party conference, well not if it's New Labour)
After being escorted through the conference security cordon by party officials into a large media scrum outside the Brighton Centre, Mr Wolfgang declared this morning: "The trouble is that most stewards from the Labour Party are volunteers out of the goodness of their heart; they really are the cream of the Labour Party.

"But there have been people who have been irresponsible enough to hire heavies. You cannot stifle debate by hiring heavies.

"A party has to be open, it has to be open to the world and it also has to discuss international issues rather than ignoring them. If you ignore international issues they will not go away."
And havign had to escape the Nazis Mr Wolfgang should know a thing or two about heavies and the kind of party that uses them in the stiffling of dissent.


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